How to start an upload to BRIO Cloud?

To upload to BRIO Cloud, please do the following:

1. Under Library >>Albums, select/open the album to upload;

2. Click "Upload" (top right hand corner of Album page) to open upload options;

3. Click "Select All" for all tracks or click the radio buttons for individual tracks;

4. Click "Confirm" to start upload (or "Cancel" to dismiss the upload).

5. Track the upload progress on the upload panel (right-pane of page). When the upload is completed, go back to (1) to upload another album.


(i) BRIO Cloud accepts PCM-based audio formats, such as, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF and MP3. (DSD is not supported by BRIO Cloud SLS encoder).

(ii) Uploads are located under Library>>Albums>Cloud (tab) 



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