Connecting to Bluetooth-enabled speakers

Bluetooth speakers can be paired with Bluetooth-capable PCs and mobile devices to playback OraStream music apps. Connecting Bluetooth speakers to your PC/MAC or mobile device is a two-stage process;

- First, make the Bluetooth speakers discover-able.

Most speakers require you to press on a dedicated button to make them discover-able. Please consult the speakers' manual to learn how. Once the Bluetooth speakers are discover-able (by flashing a blinking blue light), you can proceed to;

- Pair the speakers with your PC or smartphone (running the OraStream app).

Enable Bluetooth on PC or mobile device in going to "Settings" >> "Bluetooth" to turn Bluetooth "On". A list of Bluetooth speakers "discovered" would be shown on your PC or mobile device. Select your Bluetooth speakers to start the pairing process.

Do note that some speakers may use pairing codes - if so, enter your speakers' pairing code. If in doubt, please consult the speakers manual to learn where to get the pairing code. 


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