I purchased an album download, where do I find and download it?

To download a purchased album, you must first download and install the OraStream Desktop app. After installation, open the desktop app, click on "My Music" to find the purchased album under "Purchased" tab.

Click on "My Music" and see your album download under the "Purchased" library.

Open the purchased album:

Click on the green "Download" button to open the Download Manager:


Select the download format (WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC or MP3 320 kbps) using the drop-down selection menu. Check Select All or individual tracks to download. Click on "Get Downloads" when ready.

The desktop app will process simultaneous multiple track downloads. While downloading is in progress, you can continue to stream/play the purchased album by clicking "Play". 

Since the purchased album remains in your My Music account, it is your personal lossless copy in cloud-storage (archival). Furthermore, you can login to your account on a mobile device and stream the purchased album anywhere (with the OraStream mobile app).


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