Studio operations and archival

OraStream provides a useful solution for application scenarios such as:

1. Studio Operations

OraStream is useful for storage of audio at various points in studio operations, such as recording, editing, mixing and premastering as studio procedures are designed to preserve the highest levels of quality. It gives a standardised solution for collaborative working in studios (in remote access/playback at native resolutions) and in situations where the bandwidth is not sufficient to support full-lossless audio streaming.

2. Archival

Archives of sound recordings are common in studios, record labels, personal music libraries, etc., These archives are very large and compression is essential. In addition, OraStream enables lossless audio recordings to be streamed or downloaded conveniently to different platforms at various bitrates' qualities for playback.

Customers using OraStream-based archival services include Grammy-award winning music producer Tom Lazarus at Classic Sound and The Cliburn, host of the prestigious Van Cliburn Piano Competitions.


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