Advantages in using the OraStream desktop app

While the JavaScript player makes lossless audio streaming easy with web audio readily accessible to site visitors, there are performance advantages in using the desktop app (aside from its integrated download manager).

Using the OraStream desktop app allows you to:

  • stream music without opening an internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge or Opera, etc.,)
  • stream music without installing the OraStream web (streaming) player as the latter is embedded in the desktop app
  • multiple tracks' download manager
  • self-updating app - provides automatic app update and installation
  • exclusive audio mode settings

To install the desktop app, click on the installation links below. The app will download into your computer. Open the installer and follow the installation process. When the installation completes, you can "pin" the app icon to your task bar.

For Windows users, you must have at least Windows 7. For Mac users, you must have at least macOS 10.9 running on a PC.

The desktop app links are below:

for 32-bit machines: (WIN) (MAC)

For 64-bit machines:

[ (WIN)]

[ (MAC)]


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