Advantages in using the OraStream desktop app

With the OraStream desktop app, the following additional features are available:

a) Listening on networked players - it uses a music server to stream/playback purchased albums from the PC on networked players. Click on Settings (of the Desktop app) to select a networked player (if one is on your network). For details on which players are supported, please read here

b) Downloading with a download manager - it uses an integrated download manager for easier downloads.

To download the desktop app, click on links below. Open and follow the install process. When the installation completes, you can "pin" the app icon to your task bar.

For Windows users, you must have at least Windows 7. For Mac users, you must have at least mac OS 10.9 running on a PC.

The desktop app links are below:

for 32-bit machines: (WIN) (MAC)

For 64-bit machines:

[ (WIN)]

[ (MAC)]


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