What is My Music and Local Library?

A personal music (account) library is created for every user who signs up on OraStream. This music library called "My Music" is used to manage a user's download purchases, favourite albums and playlists.

(An album is compilation of music tracks delivered by a music label. A playlist is a user-created compilation of music tracks selected by a user. It may be an album or a compilation of individual music tracks from many albums).

All music in a user's music library is stored in cloud-storage, thus enabling a user to manage his or her music collection in lossless audio quality without being limited by storage capacity of the PC or attached storage.

A user's music library is accessible by clicking "My Music".  

The Local Library scans and reports all the audio tracks that are stored in the user's PC/MAC and attached storage devices. Audio formats supported in local library (for playback on the desktop app) are FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, WAV and MP3.


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