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BRIO is a personal music streaming server to stream music at native resolution. It lets users stream 16 bit/44kHz up to 24 bit/192kHz personal music; delivering all the digital information to bring true musical reproduction.

There are three levels of service to choose from:

  1. The Standard plan is free of charge. It turns desktop PCs into personal music servers that allow consumers to access music stored there remotely at native resolution using a web browser on another PC. It also gives consumers access to connected streaming services.
  2. The Mobile plan costs S$40 (US$30) per year. It allows consumers to use an iOS and Android app to access the PC server and connected streaming services using Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE cellular networks.
  3. The Cloud plan costs S$150 (US$110) per year. It allows consumers to upload up to 1,000 GB of music files to cloud storage and stream the music from a cloud-server (rather than relying on your PC server). It also includes all the Standard and Mobile Plan features.

BRIO streams the best possible music fidelity at any given time and place by means of OraStream’s patented quality-adaptive streaming technology.

BRIO Mobile App download links:

iOS - App Store

Android - Google Play Store


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    J J Kuitert

    The new Brio version, both desktop and web, are playing music services, but local and remote sources and user settings are not active, not responding. The beta version was ok, but no longer available. 

    What to do

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